Squirrel artisan carves a pumpkin for Halloween

Who knew squirrels were so artistic? In this video, a rodent artisan puts its teeth to good use by carving a pumpkin for Halloween. While it’s tempting to assume that the little squirrel is simply a natural at capturing the human likeness in pumpkin form, there was probably some trickery at play.

You wouldn’t need to beg a squirrel to eat a pumpkinā€”that’s for sure. All kinds of animals enjoy the sweet flesh of a ripe pumpkin, and enjoy snacking on the seeds inside, just like us. (And if you need a little help on the pumpkin recipe front, we’ve got you covered.)

A possible explanation is that whoever filmed the video may have brushed some kind of liquid on the pumpkin to encourage or discourage eating certain areas. And treating the eye and mouth areas of the pumpkin with a sweet solution may have given the rodent the encouragement it needed to create its veritable masterpiece.

As we lead up to Halloween, Cottage Life is dedicated to making sure you get your fill of holiday-themed animal videos, such as this porcupine pumpkin feast.