Sprinting duckling mistakes a jogger for its mother

Ducklings are born with an instinct to follow their mother so they don’t get left behind, and as we’ve seen in previous videos, quite good at reuniting with their flock. However, it seems that sometimes wires get crossed, and they end up following the wrong mother. Despite the human’s massive size and completely different shape, the little duckling is determined to follow him home.

It’s amazing how fast the little duckling can run, stretching out its adorable little wings as it sprints after the jogger. Whatever happened previously, it’s clear that this little guy does not want to get left behind again.

In situations like this, it’s wise to stay close to the area where you find the separated animal, as its mother might still be nearby. Moving too far away lessens the chances of the mother being able to track down her missing duckling.

Just don’t try to outrun it, because that’s a race you will lose.