Speedy grizzly bear keeps pace with a car

Grizzly bears have a reported top running speed of 56 km/hr, which is pretty hard to imagine. Considering these lumbering beasts spend most of their time lounging and have no natural predators, it’s not often you see one running flat out.

Well, today’s your lucky day, as you get to witness a rare video of a grizzly bear running at full speed next to a car. It’s unclear whether the bear is simply being playful or seriously chasing the car, or even just stretching it’s legs.

But it’s a good reminder that these mainly sedentary creatures can really turn on the heat when they are so inclined. And for us poor humans with a top running speed of  44km/hr? We don’t stand a chance in a foot race.

When confronted by a grizzly, the common advice is to climb a tree. Despite their impressive gait, grizzlies are too heavy to climb. Just make sure your tree of choice has a thick trunk, or they might push it over!

Of course, black bears are another story, and can climb pretty much anything, trees included. When up against one of these, your best bet is to make frightening noises, or as a last resort, play dead.