Slovenian photographer captures amazing landscapes through the mist

Nature photographer Filip Eremita has released a series of photographs all in pursuit of a single sort of light. As this photo series shows, Eremita is obsessed with the way sunlight filters through a cloak of fog, creating pinpricks of brightness in the haze. He wrote on Bored Panda, “[Sun rays] define the look and feel of a landscape to those who are willing to see it.”

His fixation has led to this otherworldly set of landscapes. All of the photographs in this series were taken in Eremita’s hometown of Rečica ob Savinji, which, by the looks of it, is constantly cloaked in a gauzy layer of mist. In some of the images, light bounces off of domes of clouds, as just a few tall trees push up through the cover. In others, light barely penetrates the mist that swirls around quaint country buildings, lending them an air of mystery and depth.

Eremita previously put out a series of mushroom photos that brought us into the micro-world of fungi, but for this new photo series, Eremita looks at the world on a much larger scale. His landscapes show rolling forests and imposing mountains stretching to the horizon, where they melt into the fog.

Rečica ob Savinji is a small town with approximately 2,000 residents, but it clearly has more than its share of natural beauty. While it’s a place that few of us will ever visit, Eremita’s photographs allow us to appreciate its unique landscapes from afar.