Shattering iceberg makes waves off the coast of Newfoundland

You don’t have to be a Titanic passenger to appreciate the sheer destructive power of a full-sized iceberg. Just look at this video, which shows a huge chunk of ice breaking up off the coast of Newfoundland. Even from a distance, you can see the incredible mass of the iceberg from the water it displaces.

Jason Griffiths was enjoying the shoreline at King’s Point on Tuesday when he spotted the enormous ice formation. He immediately pulled out his camera and was treated to an awe-inspiring sight. Before his eyes the iceberg started to roll over, sounding off with thunderous cracking noises. Then the top of the iceberg snapped off and fell into the water. The weight of the ice was enough to send large waves towards the shore, prompting one prudent observer to shout “Get off the beach!”

While icebergs of this size in the area used to be a relatively rare sight, there have been several spotted in Newfoundland’s Green Bay this summer. Whether this is a freak occurrence or a reflection of changing weather conditions remains to be seen. Just make sure you give them lots of space!