Rescuers risk their lives to free the “Bucket Bear”

We have certainly shared animal rescue videos in the past, from moose to deer, but these good Samaritans really took it to the next level when they freed a black bear with its head stuck in a bucket.

The bear had been wandering around Clarion County, Pennsylvania for weeks with a bucket-shaped airbag around its head. Locals even gave it the name “Bucket Bear,” and started a Facebook page encouraging people to save it.

The Game Commission was contacted, but claimed they were unable to assist. Concerned that soon the bear would starve to death, a handful of citizens took matters into their own hands.

Dean Hornberger, Jeff Kriebel, Kaitlyn Lakin, Eric Kriebel, and Shawn Balcita spent two hours looking for the bear, when they finally caught sight of the poor creature ambling along the road.

After about 40 minutes of sawing at the rigid container, the bear’s head was freed, and it scrambled off into the woods.

Thankfully, Samantha Eigenbrod captured the experience on her cell phone, including the triumphant hollering of the rescuers once the animal was free.

“We all started hooting and hollering and were so excited that he was finally free,” said Eigenbrod. “Mission accomplished. Save the Bucket Bear now is free and doesn’t have that stupid bucket on his head anymore and for that we are so very grateful. I can’t say thank you enough to all that helped free this cub.”

A tip of the hat to these helpful humans who went above and beyond to save the distressed bear. Thank goodness it wasn’t a grizzly.