Portraits of foxes show that they are incredibly loving and affectionate

When most people think of foxes, they think of shrewd, tricky animals, determined to survive at any cost—just think of Fantastic Mr. Fox. But while foxes may be clever and sometimes even devious in their pursuit of food, they are also incredibly loving.

Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch photographer who is just a little bit obsessed with foxes. She’s spent hours among them, watching their lives through her camera lens, waiting for the moments when, well-fed and free of fear, they begin to relax. She’s found that when they do, these animals are incredibly peaceful and loving. They groom one another, play, and cuddle. And while they hunt alone, foxes live in extremely close and affectionate family units while raising their young.

“I know of no animal that shows as much love and affections as foxes do,” Roeselien said in an interview with Bored Panda. “I know that foxes will use any excuse for a good cuddle session”

Her photos prove her point, showing the foxes smiling and rubbing noses, napping and playing. According to Raimond, in order to capture pictures of foxes in a relaxed state, she has had to spend a lot of time relaxing herself, waiting in the sun to see what will happen. The resulting photographs are truly beautiful, and are a reminder that love is just as important to survival as cleverness.