Pool hopping moose gets stuck in the shallow end

Owning a pool during the summer will certainly make you the envy of the neighbourhood. And on occasion, mischievous pool hoppers might even help themselves to a quick dip.

That’s exactly what happened to British Columbia resident Amber Powell, except instead of finding rowdy teenagers in her backyard, she discovered a moose. In what can only be described as a memorable morning, Powell recounted for CTV News what it was like discovering a moose in the pool outside her home in Vernon, B.C.

First there was the sound. Powell described the racket as the moose jumped in the pool as “the biggest cannonball ever.” At first thinking it was a deer, she moved downstairs for a closer inspection. There, she quickly discovered that the wet intruder was actually an enormous moose.

Powell responded to the situation perfectly, staying clear of the panicky animal and calling conservation authorities. However, before they had time to respond, the moose was able to free itself from the pool, and continue on its way, presumably feeling refreshed after its morning swim.