Photographer’s images of waves show the surreal world of water in motion

Lloyd Meudell’s Instagram is full of photos that capture images of power, serenity, surrealism, and violence, and yet they are all of a single subject: the ocean. Meudell is an Australian photographer who, after years of observing wave patterns from his surfboard, decided to try preserving what he saw with his camera. Now, he’s in the ocean almost daily, searching for the perfect wave—not for surfing, but for shooting.

These images reveal that the ocean is constantly taking on truly amazing shapes right in front of us—it just happens too quickly for us to see. But thanks to modern photographic technology, Meudell can capture the split-second formations the waves create before transforming once again. Some of the photos depict the smooth bend of a wave just before it collapses on itself. Others manage to freeze ocean foam as it ricochets off the shore, looking like intricately blown glass.

Through Meudell’s lens, the ocean is a constantly-shifting sculpture, and his Instagram an art gallery devoted to it. Do yourself a favour and take a scroll through his exhibition. Even if you live on the coast, you’ve probably never seen the ocean look like this.

Meudell sells prints of his photographs on his website.