Photographer braves Canada’s remote north to capture incredible Milky Way photographs

Meet Victor Lui, a software programmer who goes to great lengths to photograph the Milky Way.

His quest for the perfect shot has brought him to some of the most remote northern reaches of Canada, where he will spend nights capturing gorgeous delayed exposure photographs of the sky. As you’ll see, Lui is often present in the frame with his headlamp creating an eerie lighting effect, which adds to the haunting beauty of the composition.

So far he has visted Jasper National Park, Abraham Lake, and Loch Boud Lake. Why does he go so far out his way? In his own words:

“These are the areas with the least light pollution in Canada and they therefore have the most incredible sights of the stars. I love the night sky, it is a complete transformation and helps you feel connected to the universe.”

You can find more of Victor’s gorgeous photos on his blog.