Now this is how you dock your boat like a pro

It’s the most stressful part of the boat trip, and it comes right at the end. It’s more difficult than parallel parking, and the stakes are just as high. That’s right, we’re talking about docking.

Boat docking is a fine art that must be honed through many embarrassing “incidents.” Even experienced dockers live in fear of choppy water, knowing that each unpredictable swell renders the process vastly more complicated. One wrong move, and it’s very easy to end up with a scraped boat, smashed dock, or worse.

That’s why cottagers can probably relate to this funny video of a captain who┬ánot only nails the dismount, but does it in style. While it’s definitely a “don’t try this at home” situation, it’s fun to see how a hands-free docking could be achieved.

This humorous video was created by a non-profit organization to highlight the dangers of operating boats while intoxicated. We agree that it’s a good idea to hold off on a celebratory cold one until after your boat is tied up safe and sound.