Newly born moose twins are on their feet in no time

In this spectacular (and a bit gooey) video, a moose gives birth to not one, but two moose calves. While she recovers and cleans their bodies of viscera, the calves are hard at work trying to stand. After just a few minutes, they are balanced upon shaky legs, right on track to become self-sufficient moose.

This amazing and rare video was originally posted to Facebook by Victoria Rose Hickey with the description: “So awesome… Had to SHARE!!” People have followed her example, and the public video is currently at 127,000 shares and rising.

Hickey warns that the video is “kind of gross but mostly adorable and awesome..Mama Moose giving birth behind my house!”

According to a neighbour around the five minute mark, this particular moose has returned six times in as many years to give birth in the yard.

While this is a touching sight, be aware that momma moose are very protective of their calves, and capable of seriously injuring a human that they perceive as a threat to their young.

Always keep your eyes and ears open in the woods, and give moose and their calves plenty of space… while you take pictures for the rest of us, of course!