Newfoundland teen captures amazing overhead footage of collapsing iceberg

A grade 11 student from Newfoundland was able to capture rare footage of an iceberg’s collapse last week near St. Lewis, Labrador. Kelan Poole had initially sent the device to take footage of four icebergs just off the coast and was thrilled when he realized he was going to record such a phenomenal natural event.

“The lady beside me just told me what was happening. I didn’t see it in person. I had my eyes glued to the screen, which shows me what the drone is seeing. I had the controller white-knuckled, just making sure I get that shot,” Poole told the CBC.

It was the first time Poole had flown the device over the ocean and his father had concerns about flying such expensive equipment over open water, drones can loose the signal that connects them to the controller, or simply fall from the sky.

Luckily the drone returned safely, and the incredible footage convinced Poole’s dad it was well worth the risk.