Newfoundland couple gets up close to a collapsing iceberg

“Run, Rick! Go! Go!”

The frantic screaming is coming from Wanda Stead, one half of a Newfoundland couple boating in the Bay of Exploits. As a majestic arched iceberg collapses before their eyes, she realizes the extreme danger of the huge waves its disintegration has created.

The video is a breathtaking reminder of the raw power of nature. Even well away from the massive iceberg, there is a real danger that the turmoil from the rapidly displaced water may swamp their craft.

Wanda and Rick survived the awe-inspiring event unscathed, but definitely learned a lesson about keeping a safe distance from icebergs. Aside from the waves, another major hazard occurs when icebergs flip. The irregularly shaped submerged portions can quickly rise out of the water and destroy smaller vessels.

For an example of how quickly the shape of an iceberg can change during a flip, check out the following video:

The government of Newfoundland recommends to always keep a respectable distance from icebergs. Specifically, they advise a distance of twice as far as the height of the iceberg, or as far away as it is wide.