Mother bear rescues cub hanging from garage door

Parents must strike a difficult balance between letting their kids explore and protecting them. This can often lead to moments of panicked separation like the one in this video. A mama bear lost sight of her cub, which had made its way into a nearby garage. Somehow the young bear became stranded up in the air, clinging to the garage door rail.

Eventually the cries of the cub and the barking dog inside drew the attention of the mother, who in a very human-like fashion lifts the door with her paw. Kudos to the momma bear for staying at the door and allowing her cub to figure out its own way down. It eventually manages to shimmy down a ladder before scurrying to safety.

While we are always glad to watch an interesting bear cub video, these kinds of situations are about as dangerous as it gets when it comes to bears. Mother bears become extremely fierce when they believe their cubs to be in danger, and their powerful bodies are capable of great destructive force. Add in to the mix a barking dog, and you have a potentially unstable situation.

Luckily both momma and cub continued on their way without incident.