Moose charges terrified mountain bikers

It’s common knowledge that you tread lightly in the forest during rutting season. Highly aggressive males can easily kill you if they mistake you for a powerful moose and try to lock horns.

But the danger continues well afterward, as mother moose rear their young. These highly protective mothers will often charge anyone who comes remotely close to their calf, whether they seem threatening or not.

So you can imagine that a mother might see red if she notices a couple of bicycles hurtling down the trail at high speeds. If her offspring was anywhere close to the bike path, you can bet they looked like a valid threat.

Caden Stockwell, who captured the video, recalls that “My buddy Scott and I were enjoying a nice ride up the mountain and all the sudden this moose came charging at me! I didn’t see it at all but heard the cracking of the branches getting closer and closer. I knew it was the moose so I pedalled as fast as I could. Luckily she missed me. I believe she has a calf nearby. Not sure if she was trying to charge but it definitely scared the living daylight out of me!”

Luckily, Caden and Scott were unharmed, and hopefully decide to take it a little slower next time during rutting season!