Moose calves trapped in man-made pond while their mother looks on

Without nature, a cottage is nothing more than a house with bad plumbing. But we gladly trade the comforts of city-living for an opportunity to commune with wildlife. But in our enthusiasm to improve and beautify our properties, it’s important to remember that small decisions can have major consequences for animals in the area.

In this video posted by user Audrey Turner, a manicured shoreline has inadvertently trapped two moose calves in the water, unable to scramble up the steep, slick edges to dry land. Unable to help, the mother stands by nervously, while a man named Dan does his best to solve the problem. Considering how protective and violent moose mothers can be when their young are involved, Dan is definitely taking a major risk helping out.

Unfortunately, animals often interact with human inventions in ways we can’t possibly predict. Take, for example, the numerous deer that get trapped in property fences each year, or this fox that found itself tangled in sports netting.

While the video doesn’t expressly show the moose escaping the pond, Audrey confirmed that he and a friend eventually helped them out of the water with some rope. They’re now alive and well, and helping themselves to delicious willow trees on the property. Hopefully the owners will find a solution to the slippery shore, so that this kind of accident never happens again.