Moose and her calf take a dip next to startled swimmers

It was just another day of surf and sun on Nida’s beach in Lithuania when beachgoers were treated to a very surprising visit. Seemingly out of nowhere, a full-grown moose and her calf trotted past startled sunbathers and made their way to the water’s edge. Once there, they took a quick dip in the ocean, and helped themselves to a few sips of water. Then, as abruptly as they arrived, the moose wander back from whence they came.

Luckily, someone¬†was able to capture the whole event on video, including the stunned reactions of the people on the beach. Since the uploader’s account is primarily written in Lithuanian, it’s difficult to tell if this particular beach receives these kinds of visits often.

That being said, the common moose, which we also enjoy in North America, is a native inhabitant of the tiny country on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Generally, it’s a safe bet to give moose a lot of space, especially when accompanied by their offspring. However, it’s very clear from the two animals’ body language that they were more interested in re-hydrating than picking a fight.