Missing moose calf turns up at Tim Hortons

Welcome to the mystery of the missing calf.

On Tuesday, the calf’s mother was struck and killed by a vehicle in Copper Cliff, Sudbury. Alicia Irwin, a worker at the Wild at Heart animal refuge centre, was told the orphaned calf was on its way, but it never showed.

Instead, a video surfaced on Facebook showing the animal cavorting with surprised patrons at a Tim Hortons.

Meanwhile, Irwin was concerned the missing calf wasn’t receiving proper care, and was worried it might have been fed bad food. “Most of the time, when people have moose calves that they try to care for they give them cow’s milk,” she said. “What happens is they just can’t digest it, and it ends up fermenting in their stomach, and it kills them.”

Despite criticism of the rest stop at Tim’s, the calf’s rescuer, Stephen Desgroseillers, had good intentions. Before rescuing the calf, he claims he repeatedly attempted to return it to the nearby woods, but it kept returning.

After spending a night with the baby moose, he made a quick stop at Tim Horton’s, claiming that the baby moose was very comfortable with people. “After that,” he said, “I went straight to the wildlife refuge.”

The calf is now safe and sound, and will be returned to the wild as soon as possible.