Meet Hammy: the deer with a hammock on his head

hammock stuck on deer's antlers Dave MacKenzie/Facebook

Prince Rupert has a new star in town, and he looks great in purple.

Back in August, a young buck became entangled in a backyard hammock. Officials were called to free the animal, and while he managed to get loose, he took a souvenir with him.

deer caught in hammock
Marcedes Mack/Facebook
hammy the deer
Chelsea Bruce/Facebook

Little did he know, this rumble with a hammock would provide his distinguishing accessory.

Marcedes Mack, unable to stop thinking about this adorably styled animal, created a Facebook page to keep track of the buck: the Chronicles of Hammy the Deer.

“I constantly thought about how Hammy was doing. I kinda felt an attachment so I figured if I started a page for him I can bring the community together to keep ‘tabs’ on Hammy for me by sharing pics and stories. [It’s] also a place on Facebook for the locals to go and enjoy his journey around town,” she said on the page.

Of course, everyone was happy to join in on the scavenger hunt for Hammy. People quickly embraced the group, uploading their latest sightings of the dapper young buck. Here he can be seen:

courting the ladies,

deer with hammock stuck on antlers
Desi Ryan/Facebook

tussling with the fellas,

Oh my

Posted by Cheeba N Jean on Thursday, October 26, 2017

and just generally enjoying his Saturday.

hammock stuck on deer
Elle Wallden/Facebook

The Facebook group now has over 700 members, with new photos coming in weekly. He is so popular with the locals, he even inspired a couple of Halloween costumes, and a t-shirt!

hammy t shirt
George Baker/CBC

But is Hammy in any danger with this piece of fabric still stuck to his antlers?

“He seems to be feeding fine. He seems to be socializing fine with other deer,” Sgt. Tracy Walbauer of the Conservation Officer Service told CBC. “And he’ll lose his antlers. His antlers will fall off this winter… this is a temporary thing.”

Until then, Hammy will maintain his Prince Rupert celebrity status as the best dressed buck.

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