Man raises orphaned baby pygmy goat

Here at Cottage Life we’ve certainly posted our fair share of cute baby animal videos, but it’s hard to compete with this adorable baby pygmy goat.

Meet Benjamin, a young goat that was orphaned at birth when his mother rejected his presence. Local business owner Tom Horsefield stepped in and offered to raise the goat himself. Of course this requires bringing the little guy to work at Pot House Hamlet in Barnsley, England. The five-week-old goat still relies on hand-feeding from a bottle about four times a day, which starts at the crack of dawn.

Tom has thrown himself into the task of raising Benjamin with a touching gusto, hand-rearing the little guy to prepare him for life in the semi-wild. Benjamin still relies on milk for his primary diet, but is starting to starting to nibble on vegetation, shoelaces… well pretty much anything within reach, like any respectable goat.

Benjamin has become a popular fixture at Pot House Hamlet, and loves interacting with customers who feed and pet the little goat. Judging from the jaunty, energetic jumps of Benjamin, it appears that he is quite happy with the arrangement.

Tom estimates that in another couple of months the goat will be ready for release into the larger estate property, where he can interact with other goats and have plenty of freedom to roam.