Man carries stranded moose calf across Alaskan highway

Here at Cottage Life, we simply love moose rescue stories. These majestic creatures need a lot of space in which to roam, so they run into a lot of problems with human settlements. Of course everyone loves a moose sighting, so it’s only fair that we roll up our sleeves and do our best to help out when our human habits interfere with their lives.

Which is exactly what happened when a moose calf wandered across a highway in Anchorage, Alaska, and got its head stuck in a fence. A good Samaritan named Keith Burgess impressed his girlfriend by calming down the animal and freeing its head.

A police officer arrived on the scene and gave Burgess permission to pick up the calf and escort it back across the highway.

The gesture may have been a little foolhardy, considering that even as calves, moose are very powerful, and a protective mother could interpret attempts to help as signs of aggression. But Burgess was determined to save the young ungulate, which was exhausted and frightened from its ordeal.

Having earlier established a relationship with the calf, he was able to return it peacefully to the forest.