Lake ice marches toward homes at 2 feet per minute

Here at Cottage Life we’ve shown you unreal frozen lakes and strange rime ice, but we’ve never seen something quite like this.

It was an eventful afternoon for Minnesotan residents when the local ice seemed to come alive and march toward their homes. Homeowners along the southern shore of Lake Mille Lacs were astonished to witness the steady advance of frozen water up their lawns.

Moving at speeds of two feet per minute, the sheets of ice were propelled by strong gusting winds, causing them to creep up the shore. A quick-thinking bystander was able to capture video of the remarkable phenomena, and posted it to YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy.

It is difficult to hear the sound of the ice, but someone can be heard comparing the soft sound of the glaciers to the chugging of a steam engine. Once the ice reached the houses, it caused minor damage, including a couple of smashed glass patio doors. Thankfully, no one was harmed.