Marijuana-loving deer gets high in the mountains of Oregon

If you came across Richard Davis’s property, the sight of hundreds of marijuana plants may tempt you to call the police. But Davis lives in Oregon (in the mountains, if you must know). And the owner of a licensed medical grow op, he’s completely above board.

But that doesn’t stop him from sampling his own wares, and occasionally sharing them with the local wildlife.

Davis is joined by his pet dog and a domesticated deer named Sugar Bob. Much like a glutton in a fudge factory, Sugar Bob tends to gorge himself on the clippings from the marijuana plants, becoming very stoned in the process. And though many would argue otherwise, David sees no issue with Sugar Bob’s affection for the medicinal buds.

“He’ll go in the trim room, and he’ll just get on the bed … He cleans up all the stuff off the floor, so he’s ready for a nap,” says Davis, who occasionally joins the deer for a siesta.

Apparently this is the second iteration of Sugar Bob. Another deer used to live on the farm and spend time with Davis’s previous dog Bacon. It’s not clear what happened to the old Sugar Bob, but Davis sees Sugar Bob II’s role as providing companionship for his current aging dog, Trooper D.