Hungry bear snacks on Manitoba woman’s wreath

Bear with berries Photo by BGSmith/Shutterstock.com

Kim Bouwman was at home in Ste. Anne, Manitoba when she spotted something unusual out of the corner of her eye. While she initially assumed the movement was her husband approaching the front door, it turned out that a rather unconventional visitor had sauntered up her front steps.

An adult bear was nibbling on the wreath that hung over Bouwman’s front door. The animal appeared to have mistaken the styrofoam berries that decorated the wreath for the real thing and was trying to eat them.

Bouwman grabbed a camera so she could take photos of the bear, but she quickly became concerned that the hefty animal would break the door’s glass pain and enter her home.

“I’m not sure what I would do and I’m certainly glad that I didn’t have to be faced with that,” she told the CBC. “It was probably standing five-and-a-half to six-feet high at the window and had its two front paws on the window.”

Bear at the door
Photo courtesy of Kim Bouwman‎/Facebook

Luckily, the bear seemed to lose interest in the faux fruit rather quickly, and wandered away from Bouwman’s house into a neighbour’s yard without causing any serious damage.

Bouwman and her husband have seen bears in the area since they moved to their home in June. However, this sighting was a lot more concerning than the mother and cub that wandered through their yard this past summer.

“It’s certainly scary to know that they come right close up to your house like that. They aren’t afraid.”

While the wreath survived the bear’s attention, it no longer hangs on Bouwman’s front door. She told the Canadian Press it just wasn’t worth the risk.

“I took the wreath down right away, just because I didn’t want any other bears to come today or whenever else.”

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