House cat and mountain lion face off in Colorado

Tom Mabe was visiting friend’s place just outside of Boulder, Colorado when he received an unlikely visitor at the door—a full-grown mountain lion!

These elusive animals are a rare sight, due to their nocturnal habits. It’s not clear why this mountain lion is walking around in broad daylight, since they tend to spend the day in dense cover.

As Mabe captures video of the impressive feline, the house cat stands its ground, staring down its much larger relative through the window. Not one to waste an opportunity for a prank, Mabe casually tells his wife that the kids are outside playing in the backyard, but quickly reassures her that they are indeed safely indoors.

While attacks on humans are rare, they do happen, and are increasing as more and more people move into their territory. If you ever spot one of these wild creatures yourself, remember to stand your ground and make lots of noise. And, unless you’re safely locked indoors like Mabe is, don’t stop to take a video.