Hilariously clumsy golden retriever tries to catch food in its mouth

You would think a dog called a retriever would be amazing at using its mouth to grab things. But the charmingly clumsy dog in this video seems incapable of using its jaws for anything other than missing.

A series of slow-motion videos show just how bad this particular golden retriever is at playing catch. Stick around for the 1:12 mark, when it looks like the dog will finally triumph and catch the slice of pizza, but closes its mouth too soon.

A final note about diet: dogs shouldn’t be eating this much human food. We’ll give the poster the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t let their pet chow down on the thrown food items, because junk food can be seriously harmful to pets. Especially sugary foods, which can cause dogs to develop vision problems. And that certainly won’t improve the catching situation.

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