Helpless deer pulled out of deep snowdrift using teamwork

It was an interesting day in Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick, for a group of good Samaritans who teamed up to free a deer trapped in deep snow. The deer was most likely forced to strike out from its denser forest habitat to open areas in search of food after heavy snowfall.

A female deer was attempting to avoid crossing a nearby road, and she skirted the dangerous shore of the lake when she became stuck in a massive drift. Local resident Jacques Roy teamed up with some bystanders to dig away snow, and they used a rope to pull the animal free.

They gave the rescued deer a blanket and some food, and they named her Françoise. She’ll now be moved to a more suitable habitat to live out the rest of the winter. Roy was glad the deer was safe, but was disappointed in the slow response time of the Department of Natural Resources.

“I called early this morning at eight o’clock and the response from the lady I spoke to was that she would transmit the information. But I heard many people called, and nothing is happening,” he said.

While some residents criticized the Department of Natural Resources for not taking a more active role, a representative named Denis Richard explained that, “We just go look at the situation. We will usually go if there’s a deer that is stranded or injured, we will act right away, but for a deer around the community, it’s quite normal,” he said.

We’d like to tip our hats to the good folks of Pointe-Verte for looking out for their local wildlife, especially during this colder-than-usual winter.