Helpful riverboarder rescues squirrel from raging river

Riverboarding is believed to have been around since the 1970s, and basically involves exactly what you’d expect. The participant holds on to a riverboard, which is a little smaller than a surfboard, and floats down a river. This modern version of the classic inner tube is gaining popularity because it brings you closer to the water, while providing some safety from nasty jutting rocks or snags.

Riverboards also come in handy for rescuing squirrels, apparently. In this video, Thomas Paterson from Oakville, Ontario, comes across a squirrel stranded on a rock, surrounded by rushing water. Spooked by its new company or perhaps just overly daring, the squirrel attempts to jump to safety. It is quickly swallowed up by the flowing water, but luckily the boarder is quick enough to scoop him out of the rapids onto his board. A quick swim to shore, and the waterlogged rodent is safe and sound, leaving the good Samaritan to continue on his way.

Squirrels can actually swim reasonably well, but due to their small size, they can easily drown in rapidly moving water such as rivers. Here’s hoping this lucky little critter decides to take a more reliable route across the river next time.