Helpful rescuer pummelled by angry swan

They say no good deed goes unpunished, and this is particularly true for wildlife rescuer Simon Cowell, who suffered some swan abuse while rescuing a trapped cygnet.

Cowell runs the Wildlife Aid Foundation, which intervenes when animals become trapped. He publishes videos of his adventures, including this one where the cygnet’s angry father dealt out some righteous abuse.

While attempting to free the neck of the young bird from a chain link fence, Cowell was repeatedly swatted by the swan’s powerful wings. Cowell expected the aggression, noting that swans are some of the most protective parents in the animal kingdom.

As Cowell approached the scene, he had no doubt he’d be on the receiving end of a swan’s wrath, joking, “This is where we like to get attacked.”

Despite enduring a few good whacks, Cowell remains in good spirits through the proceedings, gently pushing away the male swan, otherwise known as a “cob.”

“Don’t do that,” remarks Cowell after a particularly painful blow. “Don’t be silly. Stop it.”

Once the cygnet is reunited with its parents, Cowell heads back to his home where dinner is waiting.

“They’re all together again,” he said. “They’re all happy, and I’ve got a bruised arm.”