Helpful bear rescues crow from drowning

Crows may belong to one of the smartest bird species, but they make mistakes like anybody else. And it doesn’t get much worse than a bird who’s lost its ability to fly.

A waterlogged crow found itself in this exact situation, floating in the moat around a bear exhibit in Hungary’s Budapest Zoo. Flailing around in the water, the crow attracted the attention of the bear, who crouched, then swiped at the struggling corvid.

What happens next is surprising. Rather than using its powerful paws to kill the bird, the bear instead throws the crow up onto dry land, then continues on with its business.

After a few seconds to gather its wits, the crow stands, appearing shocked, but unharmed. It’s hard to say what was going through the bear’s mind when it decided to help out. The video poster Aleksander MedveŇ° suggests that perhaps it was interested in a tasty snack, then changed its mind. Or maybe the bear just appreciates an immaculate moat.

Whatever the reason for this unorthodox rescue, it is a great example of how bears are mostly gentle creatures, especially when they’re well-fed.

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