Golden Gate traffic stands still for peaceful deer crossing

It’s Friday evening rush hour on the Golden Gate bridge, one of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks. And while bumper-to-bumper traffic is to be expected, a couple of deer trotting by certainly isn’t routine.

But that’s what happens in this 15-second-long video uploaded by photographer Steve King. There’s something so peaceful about the two deer traipsing past a long line of cars filled with wide-eyed commuters marvelling at their beauty and grace. The video is over in a flash, prompting an immediate re-watch, which is likely how it has racked up over 100,000 views in the span of a few days.

The deer were able to make their crossing thanks to assistance from California highway patrol, which were on the scene, and were amazed that all the cars cleared a path for the animals. This isn’t the first time animals have been spotted on the bridge, but a highway patrol representative said that in two years he had not witnessed a complete shutdown like this.

All too often, human infrastructure interferes with the lives of wild animals, so a video like this is a touching reminder that people aren’t so wrapped up in the city life that they fail to appreciate a chance encounter with a couple of deer.