Gale-force winds cause waterfall to miraculously reverse

We’ve shown you before the incredible power of wind here at Cottage Life, but we’ve never seen wind take on the forces of gravity before!

This spectacular video shows gusts of wind forcing a waterfall to flow upward was taken at Kinder Scout Plateau, which is found in the Derbyshire Peak District in Hayfield. Normally the water would complete its journey downward 80 feet, but the sheer force of the wind pushes the water back up, making it appear as if the waterfall is flowing backward.

It’s no surprise that the ancient Greeks included air and water in the four basic elements of life. Along with earth and fire, these four phenomena are capable of great power and destruction in nature. It’s doubtful that a gust of wind, no matter how powerful, could hold back the raw power of a water tsunami, but it’s nice to see wind win one this time.

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