Frightened deer fawn freed from porch posts

Deer are very skittish creatures, and when their fight-or-flight response is triggered, they can disappear in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, this speedy reflex means they can become easily confused by structures such as fences, leaving them trapped and helpless.

This is exactly what happened to a white-tail deer fawn that became lodged between porch railings in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Fleeing an unknown predator, the deer leaped through the bars of the railing, which were too tight for it to maneuver its hip bones through.

The concerned homeowners wasted no time assisting the bleating animal, pulling its front body back through the railings. The newly freed deer had a bit of trouble navigating the hard wooden deck, but bounded to safety when it was deposited on the grass. It did not appear to be injured, and has hopefully learned an important lesson about its body size.

This tiny deer was easily handled, but beware of the hooves of trapped adult deer, which can cause a lot of damage in their panicked state. If you’re ever unsure of how to proceed, contact your local parks and wildlife hotline for more information.

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