Forget slippers, this clever dog can fetch a cold one from the fridge

Most dog owners are satisfied with a pet that is house-trained, lays off the barking, and doesn’t tug on its leash during walks. For the more ambitious trainers, there are the classic sit, rollover and speak commands. But YouTube user Josh Ace wanted to make the most out of his highly intelligent blue heeler, and managed to teach it how to bring a beer from the fridge.

With the simple command, “Bennett … I’m parched,” the dutiful dog pries open the fridge, retrieves a bottle, and returns to its owner, even having the good sense to close the door again.

Australian cattle dogs are well-respected for their intelligence, and in older times were a valuable part of sheep shearing operations. The large, unwieldy flocks of sheep were prone to panic, and would often disperse with little warning, creating a headache to round them up again.

Enter the cattle dog, which is able to herd the easily-intimidated sheep by running in circles around them, and even jumping up on their backs!

So with that in mind, perhaps fetching a bottle of beer isn’t that challenging a task for one of these remarkable dogs, but that doesn’t mean we’d be any less grateful!