Fledgling bald eagle rescued from drowning in BC

Did you know eagles can swim? Certainly not as gracefully as they fly, but they’re definitely capable. Which is a necessary skill, considering these aerial acrobats snatch fish from the water after high-speed dives. One wrong move on the eagle’s part, and they can easily end up waterlogged in the sea, struggling to return to dry land.

A Canadian boater earned his stripes as an honorary American when he came across a fledgling bald eagle struggling to survive in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia. Noting that the eagle appeared worn out, he moved closer, calling to it. The eagle, as if sensing the fisherman’s peaceful intent, moves toward the boat and is pulled inside.

As if ashamed, the young eagle comically hides its head while extending its wings. Until those feathers dry out, flight is not an option. When this video was posted online, some bird enthusiasts questioned whether this bird was in fact a golden eagle, but distinctive wing markings confirm that this is definitely a bald eagle whose iconic white head feathers have simply not yet developed.

The exhausted animal was delivered to O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society), who have confirmed that it is well on its way to recovery, eating food and growing stronger by the day.