Five men build impressive “icehenge” on Wisconsin lake

Sure, you could travel all the way to Wiltshire, England to see the famous Stonehenge, but why bother? If you head to Wisconsin, you can see a pretty close replica for free. Of course, it’s made of ice, so it definitely won’t last as long as the original.

About four years ago, some local residents reached a pretty epic level of boredom and took up the hobby of ice harvesting, using vintage ice saws. Eventually the hobby grew more ambitious and they began to use the 200-pound pillars to create the gorgeous structures pictured below.

The plucky sculptors involved in the project are Drew McHenry, Kevin Lehner, Quinn Williams, Alec Seamars, and Patrick Shield. While they attempt to create new “icehenge” each year, unseasonably warm weather thwarted them last year. This winter, however, the conditions were just right and men were able to finish the project in two weekends.

They call their faithful rendition “Rock Lake Icehenge,” as a nod to the lake where it resides. Lehner encourages spectators to visit the sculptures as soon as possible. “The Henge will stand as long as we have below freezing temperatures, but it will melt fast, especially on sunny days that are above freezing with a moderate breeze from the south,” he said.

But for those of us who won’t make it in time, they snapped some pretty incredible pictures, too. 




ice-pillars-icehenge-kevin-lehner-10 (Images via Boredpanda.com)