Fisherman fights to cast through epic black fly swarm

It’s no secret that Ontario has a pretty intense black fly season. While city dwellers enjoy relative immunity from these pesky insects, those who venture out into the woods are fair game. The swarms are relentless, searching for any exposed skin to feed upon, leaving a nasty, itchy wound behind as a souvenir.

It gets so bad during the worst part of the season that it becomes nearly impossible to function without full body coverage and mosquito nets. Many campers choose to hide out in their tents, playing cards or napping during the worst hours at dawn and dusk. There they listen to the incessant drone of the insects and wait out the swarms. Heaven help you if you have to go to the bathroom during this time.

Unfortunately, those who fish have no such luxury. Dawn and dusk are prime fishing hours, so they must brave the clouds of biting black flies in the hopes of catching a big one. Worse still, unlike hiking, which involves constant movement, fishing is a pretty sedentary activity, which makes fishermen sitting ducks for the swarms.

This video was filmed on Bartlett Lake near Timmins, Ontario, and it’s an excellent reminder to pack some bug spray when you hit the trails or the lake this spring. Happy fishing!