Feast your eyes on 15 unreal photographs of strangely frozen lakes

Published: January 11, 2015 · Updated: September 29, 2017

Lakes have always been a hotspot for capturing stunning photographs. The combination of vast expanses of water, often coupled with mountainous backdrops or beautiful sunsets are a photographer’s dream.

In the winter, most lakes are quickly covered by uniform white snow, becoming no more impressive than a common farmer’s field. However, some intrepid photographers have traveled to remote parts of the world as far as the Arctic to capture these unbelievable photographs of lake ice frozen into strange formations.

Some of the phenomena, such as the trapped bubbles in Canada’s Abraham Lake, are caused by pockets of methane attempting to rise to the surface. Other effects, such as the long stress cracks found in some Russian lakes, are caused by rapid temperature changes.

Nature moves in mysterious ways, but rest assured that none of these surreal pictures is the result of special effects, just the peculiar behaviour of frigid temperatures on our most valuable resource: water.