Epic moose battle caught on video

It’s moose rutting season, which means males become unstoppable juggernauts of aggression. Any seasoned hiker will tell you that getting between two moose locking antlers is a seriously bad idea. But in case you were skeptical, this exciting video shows how their impressive strength makes even the strongest humans look puny.

The video was taken in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, which is a short car drive from Calgary, Alberta. It was filmed by Tawny Tersmette, and according to her interview with the Calgary Sun, the battle lasted about twenty minutes.

“We came driving around the corner when the moose came tumbling down the right side of the road,” said Tersmette. She also clarified that although she didn’t upload the full clip, the moose with the larger antlers won, if you happened to place bets.

While the moose may appear murderous, locking antlers is primarily a competition of endurance and strength. In most cases, only the loser’s pride is wounded, though with sharp antlers in the mix, these animals are fatally wounded all the time.

Rutting season typically occurs between late September and early October. If you are hiking during this time, keep your wits about you and do your best not to find yourself in the middle of a dispute.