Don’t expect to make par on this makeshift iceberg golf course

For most people, donning a drysuit and paddleboarding amongst icebergs would be enough of an adventure for one day. Not so for Seth Haley, a filmmaker who recently captured some hilarious footage of his friend attempting to play the back nine on some floating sheets of ice on Lake Michigan.

With his board acting as a golf cart, the paddleboarder travels between the massive chunks of ice, chipping more than just a golf ball. And honestly, the craggy surface of the icebergs doesn’t stop him from making a couple of pretty sweet shots. We’re curious what the par for this course would be, considering it sports one heck of a water hazard, and constantly changing terrain.

Paddleboarding is a popular sport during the summer, and a great way to get out on the lake and enjoy the warm weather. Golfing from one is a fun stunt, and a creative way to practice driving outside of golfing season. But it’s unfortunate that the golf balls that end up in the drink will ultimately cause pollution in Lake Michigan.

Haley is from St. Joseph, Michigan, and chronicles his filmmaking exploits on his Facebook page. We wish Haley luck with his future endeavours, though if we ever see him and his camera out on the lake, we’ll keep our ears open for a “Fore!”