Don’t buy a cottage next door to this champion jet skier

In case you’re not the biggest fan of jet ski championships, Ant Burgess kind of a bit of a big deal in that arena. At just 18 years of age, Burgess has racked up the following awards:

World Amateur Freestyle Champion 2006/7
World Professional Freestyle #3 2006/7 and 2007/8
World Professional Freestyle #2 2008/9

Not to mention the accolades he receives at various freestyle events, where he is paid to strut his stuff for adoring fans.

Burgess began jet skiing when he was 12, and despite his impressive success, continues to attend college as an apprentice plumber.

Over the Easter holidays he decided to do some training at Kingsbury Lakes, and the result is some pretty unreal jet ski tricks. Timing it just right, he is able to throttle his £30,000 jet ski to pull of some truly amazing stunts, including a 14-flip combo, and some impressive 360 degree spins.These are just a handful of the tricks he will use to win his next championship.

While we wish “Ant” the best in his future goals, we’re more than a little glad he doesn’t practice his moves on our cottage lake!