Did this jogger have a close encounter with a bear?

Chris Terzis was enjoying his daily 6km run around the top end of his cottage’s lake, when he heard a strange noise. The brisk winds of the fall seasons cause leaves to fall and branches to collide, creating a spooky soundscape. Wary of bears in the vicinity of Esson Lake in Haliburton County, he carries a phone on his runs, just in case.

In Chris’ own words:

“One day I decided to stop, pulled out my phone and did a slow 360 degree turn trying to catch the activity around me.  My head and body are throbbing from the in progress run – I just tried to hold the camera straight out, and tried to be steady. I was actually looking a little higher than the view finder at the falling leaves as I turned. I returned back to the cottage thinking nothing of this. A couple of weeks ago I started downloading the summer pictures and videos into the computer. When I was done I told my wife here have at look at these, see if there are any you like.  While browsing through them she came to a video and asked. “What is this, it looks like the start of a path?” I said  ” Oh, I tried to capture the activity around me when I run. I stopped and filmed it.”She starting watching it. She then told me ‘You need to come here and look at this.’ Watch for the 18 second mark.”

While the video is somewhat blurry and Chris’ hands were shaking from the exertion of his run, there definitely appears to be something in the forest. What do you think? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section!