Determined sea lion chases down a fishing boat for a free meal

Sea lions don’t look like much on land, but once they hit the water it’s a different story. Their once-awkward bodies become streamlined and sleek, able to cruise through the water at speeds as fast as 40 kilometres per hour.

In this video, shot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a fishing boat received a hungry visitor, who doggedly chased their boat in the hopes of a fishy handout. Apparently sea lions begging for food is fairly common in the area, but this one was particularly determined to panhandle a snack.

To the crew’s surprise, the sea lion easily keeps pace with rapidly moving boat. They open up a panel in the stern of the boat, and it proves agile enough to jump inside, joining the amazed passengers. The reward is well worth it to the sea lion, who receives a fish for its trouble.

You don’t have to travel to Mexico to see one of these remarkable creatures, as they are quite common along the coast of British Columbia, along with humpback whales and dolphins.

While sea lions are undeniably cute with their big eyes and jaunty whiskers, they are also incredibly strong, and unpredictable when cornered. Always practice caution when dealing with live animals, no matter how friendly they appear.