Determined bulldog yanks kiddie pool inside house

Did you know that bulldogs have become one of the most popular dog breed in Canada? Possibly because of their lovable, wrinkly faces, or maybe because they’re known to get along with children and other animals well.

But they also come from fierce stock. In more barbaric times, bulldogs were used for “bull-baiting,” a brutal sport which involved biting a bull’s nose and wrestling it to the ground. This English pastime was fortunately made illegal by the 1835 Cruelty to Animals Act, but it also put bulldogs out of a job.

Today, only their name reflects their fierce history, and bulldogs are valued as loyal and trustworthy pets. In this video, however, a particularly motivated bulldog named Gus shows off his determination and stamina as it tries to pull a wading pool inside.

As another bulldog watches, Gus relentlessly yanks on the pool, which will not flex to fit through the sliding doors. Eventually, once all the water has spilled out of theĀ  plastic tub, Gus finally gets his way, turning it sideways and pulling it through the door.