Determined bear nearly claws its way into home

Black bear sightings are a regular occurrence in Carling, Ontario, and they can often be a nuisance, raiding garbage cans and frightening residences.

But one bear took it to the next level, showing up at resident Terri Welch’s home and searching for a way inside.

bear break in 01

While she slept inside with her three children, the bear diligently clawed away at the siding of the house until it was able to stick its paw through the wall.

Welch and her husband contacted the bear hotline governed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, but were informed that the organization no longer relocates bears.

Sadly, after representatives advised them to shoot the bear, that’s exactly what they did the next time it returned.

bear break in 02

Residents are advised that the best strategy is always avoiding bear attractors such as exposed garbage, dirty barbecues, and bird feeders.

And of course, in a situation where you feel like your life is in real danger, calling 911 is also an option.