Docile deer sports a curious doughnut accessory

A surprised camper was crossing a river and ran into a very docile deer with an interesting fashion accessory: a mini doughnut.

At first he is in disbelief about the doughnut, calling out to his friend that a deer is blocking his way to shore, and yes, wearing a small pastry. Finally he accepts what he is seeing and lets the deer approach, freeing its antler from the scourge of the tasty baked good. Not surprisingly, the deer isn’t interested in eating the doughnut, which is a far cry from its regular diet.

Judging from the animal’s fearlessness toward humans, its probable that other campers decorated the deer’s antler with the doughnut as a prank, possibly to confuse other campers. And if that was their goal, mission accomplished.

Generally speaking, it is not advised to interact with wild animals such as deer, especially those that are not afraid of people. Their behaviour may be a sign of a disease like rabies that is clouding their judgement, leading to dangerous and unpredictable behaviour.

Further, while slipping a doughnut onto an antler is relatively harmless, it’s important to remember that wildlife is to be respected, and regardless of how friendly they seem, they are not there for our entertainment.