Darling baby foxes found in New Jersey backyard

It’s not every day that someone wakes up to discover a litter of newborn fox kits in their backyard. Lucky for the rest of us, the New Jersey residents who recently did had a camera, and decided to post the incredible video and images they took online.


These amazing shots are courtesy of Philip Wang and his daughter, Alice. According to Philly.com, Wang generally spots red foxes around his property in Princeton, New Jersey, a few times a year. But it came as a surprise when he heard what he describes as a soft “meowing” near his shed, which turned out to be these adorable little fox kits.


Following his discovery he and his daughter did what almost anyone would do: they pulled out a camera.


The tiny foxes appear to be no more than a week old, and they’re absolutely bursting with cuteness as they explore their surroundings. While it might be tempting to get even closer to the kits, it’s important to remember to never handle a wild animal or take them out of their natural environment, especially when they’re not in distress. Although she’s not the star of this photo series, the fox kits’ mother was out hunting when the photos were taken and returned to the scene shortly after.

Fox kits

To see the entire collection of photos and videos, head to imgur.com and the family’s Youtube channel, where they’ve been posting weekly updates.

Baby foxes