Cyclist speeding along a highway slams into deer


Cycling along rural roads can be intense. At such high speeds, the smallest mistake can cause a fatal collision. Add into the mix changing surface conditions, inclement weather, and other cyclists, and there’s a lot to keep an eye on. Now we can add to that list random leaping deer.

This startling video was taken in Sausalito by a cyclist named Silas Patlove. It’s hard to see what he could have done differently, as a deer jumps over the safety rail and straight into his path in the blink of an eye. He falls to the ground, and the video ends with some unanswered questions. Namely, is he okay?

Sausalito clarified that “Although I don’t remember it, I landed on my back, and hit the back of my Giro helmet, which probably saved me from serious brain injury. Although I had a mild concussion with a bit of memory loss around the event, I am very grateful to have escaped feeling only a little banged up.”

The deer fled the scene after the collision, and it remains unknown how badly hurt it was by the accident. The video is a good reminder that cyclists should always wear helmets (mounted camera optional), and remain constantly vigilant while cycling.