Cyclist keeps calm while trapped between two moose and a highway

Due to the quiet but speedy nature of the bicycle, it is all too easy to catch animals off guard while pedaling through nature. And when it comes to moose who weigh in at several tonnes, an unwelcome surprise can turn out to be very dangerous.

Take, for example, these mountain bikers who were racing along a forest path and charged by an angry moose for seemingly no reason at all. Sometimes you don’t even need to startle these massive creatures to receive a hostile kick.

Which isn’t to say that moose are ferocious animals—far from it. As ungulates, they are herbivorous, and generally like to keep to themselves. But they do understand their own vast strength, and are not afraid to throw a little weight around when challenged, or protecting young.

So it’s not surprising that the cyclist in this video is wary of two approaching moose he encounters ambling along the side of a highway. After checking for traffic, he steps over the metal guard rail, putting it between his body and the two animals. In fact, the calm cyclist reacts almost perfectly to the potential danger, moving very slowly and avoiding eye contact. One of the moose even stops for a quick sniff before continuing on its way.

His reward for keeping a cool head is a peaceful encounter with one of North America’s most impressive mammals, and a video of an up-close-and-personal wildlife experience that will he will surely never forget.